Thursday, November 20, 2008

Killin' em with kindness (and I mean killin' in the non-violent, non-aggressive, warm and fuzzy sense)

Well at yoga today, as is wont to happen, there were three people in a row that could very easily fit four. So I asked the lady in the middle if she would please move her mat one way or the other. Then I had to ask her again as she was laying down with her fingers pressed on her eyes. I think she heard me the first time. My first thought was bitch, please. But I decided instead to thank her kindly. Yoga's one of those places where meanness almost seems worse because part of the whole point of yoga is to cultivate inner peace.

Of course I am guilty of having my off days as well and, in fact, I almost never speak to anyone at the studio. And I have been going there for three years now. I don't know if it's because it's Boston, or it's me, or it's yoga, but I'm pretty OK with it. With the not speaking, I mean. The bitchiness, not so much. So I'm working on it. Less bitch, more friendly. Expecting nothing in return.



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