Thursday, January 08, 2009


I'm looking forward to yoga today as my back is a little wonky from the hour I spent trying to de-ice the sidewalk last night. Landlords in the 'ville are only required to clear a path from the door to the sidewalk; mine doesn't.

I'm trying to transform my irritation at the whole snow removal situation by just sucking it up and doing it myself. My two apartment-neighbors occasionally help out (one more than the other) and they bitch about the landlord (who is the brother of one of the apartment-neighbors, as a matter of fact) and about how someone needs to say something to him. Meaning me. I keep telling them it's us, not the landlord, in charge of shoveling; they keep bitching. (Full disclosure: I bitch too sometimes.)

Ugh, I don't really know where I'm trying to go with this post other than that when you share responsibilities with a passive-aggressive pot addict (but not all bad!) and someone who is slightly unglued, needy, and confrontational (also not all bad!), well, sometimes it's hard. Oh and that sometimes when I hear it's going to snow it makes me want to cry.



Anonymous Thursday said...

Landlords here have no such obligation. Mind you, we have no such amount of snow as you do.

8:57 AM, January 09, 2009


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