Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dinner Music

While cooking a tofu/spinach/red pepper/peanut stir-fry with quinoa I listened to a bunch of the "unknown artist" songs on Sheena. It turned out to be a mix of dirty-word-filled gangsta rap, old-timey tunes like "Pennies from Heaven," and Gogol Bordello.

It was oddly apropos and really great. I danced and chopped and danced and minced and danced and grated and danced and stir-fried. It made me excited for New York again. Which is where I'll be the end of the month, visiting L. I got a bus ticket for a dollar!

In other McPolack news, here's hoping tomorrow's "wintry mix" errs on the rainy side of mix so I don't have to shovel.


Blogger Overmatter said...

Aw, you got the buck seat?

9:49 PM, January 06, 2009

Anonymous Thursday said...

I trust you'll be taking your camera t NY and taking lots of pictures which you'll post here and I'll be massively jealous.

5:07 AM, January 07, 2009


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