Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Game

"Imagine waking up each morning with an excitement and passion that you haven't felt in years. Imagine going through each day, enjoying every moment, feeling purposeful and fulfilled. This is what you can expect if you live each day, week, and month of this year to its fullest -- if you show up at each moment with the commitment to use all your gifts, talents and brilliance."

When I think about the meaning of life (which I do kind of a lot), one of the ideas that keeps coming up for me is that figuring out what unique thing you can do to make the world a better place is an important part of it. Pastel-sweatered-Stuart-Smalley-sounding though it may be, it's true. It is all about you, but it isn't. What I mean by that is you have to take time to figure out what you are good at, and you have to nurture those gifts-more selfish stuff. And then since they're gifts you have to give them away-not so selfish.

I am embarking on 90-day program to try and shift my worldview on things. Ostensibly it is going to be by going through my blog and categorizing everything I've written and turn it into some salable pieces.

The biggest positive shift I ever made in my life started with a 90-day process. I'm hopeful this is going to be a positive shift as well. Honestly I feel a little bit ridiculous about it and I hope I don't sound like I'm sniffing glue. But I need to shake stuff up and I think this will help. One of the things I am supposed to do is share 10 gifts with 10 different people. I've e-mailed a couple of people so I only need eight people to look at my unique gifts and I'm good to go. I think I have eight readers. Anyways, enjoy!

1. I am an excellent writer
2. I can make people really laugh
3. I have the ability to put my head down and plow through tough times
4. I am good at making friends
5. I am more in touch with my emotions than a lot of people
6. I have a great relationship with my family
7. I am very resourceful.
8. I am thoughtful
9. I am willing to do things I find a little bit ridiculous, like put a list like this on the the Internet, to figure out how I can take care of myself better so I can give back to the world
10. I am a master exerciser.

So there you have it. Rock on, people!


Anonymous Thursday said...


2:50 AM, January 26, 2009

Blogger McPolack said...

Thank you, Thursday!


6:41 PM, January 26, 2009

Blogger Overmatter said...

Don't forget your magnificent TV presence!

12:21 AM, January 27, 2009


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