Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So my usual McPolack family role of making decisions based waaaaaaaaay more on my heart than my head is being usurped at the moment by Dr. Moo. She's been on the hunt for a new treeing walker hound since shortly after Tess died and yesterday she informed me she's found one. In Virginia. And he has a big, quite possibly cancerous lump that's been there for quite some time and hasn't been looked at yet.

But it will be looked at just as soon as Dr. Moo has him shipped from Virginia to either Vermont (where she lives) or Massachusetts (where vet friends of hers are going to remove the lump and biopsy it for a better price than she can find in Vermont). So yes, Dr. Moo is adopting an animal from another area of the country who requires immediate surgery, the outcome of which may well point to a fatal illness.

The lady who is fostering him told Dr. Moo he normally would have been put down because they just have too many doggies, but that she couldn't leave him there because there was "something special" about him.

Also also his name is Jim! Which is a stupid name for a dog and therefore perfect.

Also also also just look at him. Let's hope his lump is benign like Esmeralda, the fatty tumor that lives on my left forearm.



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