Monday, January 19, 2009

Holy Frijoles

I almost cannot believe that we're going to be swearing in the first African-American POTUS tomorrow. The MLK day celebration Walnut and I attended this afternoon did help make it a little more real. Paul Farmer spoke, and there was poetry, music and dance. Walnut noted the energy seemed a little off. This was due in part to there seeming to be no one manning the ship that was the event...and also to the crowd which was, naturally, full of Bostonians, a group not known for their joie de vivre.

Anticpating a late lunch, I had brought a container of crunchy salty snacks, and during a long period of dead space caused by no one manning the ship, during which the audience was darn near silent, I bit into an almond. It was LOUD. Walnut said maybe I should have a Clif bar instead because once you get the wrapper open it's a silent food. But I just waited a couple of minutes and crunched while the gospel choir was singing.

It is truly an amazing thing to have moved in a lifetime (though my parents', not mine) from how we used to treat African-Americans in this country to having an African-American President. Too amazing for words, actually. Walnut said she said she wanted to thank her parents for having her when they did. Oh and for being part of the generation that helped make what's going to happen tomorrow possible.

And so to McMumsy and PolackPappy I say thank you. McMumsy worked in inner-city (yes, NH inner city but you go where you're needed) teaching reading for many years. PolackPappy, inspired by JFK, served in the Peace Corps in the sixties. They both continue their service to those in need today. I'm proud of them and wish I was more like them. Good job, Mm and Pp...

and GObama!

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