Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I wish there was more of this

I took season one of Extras out of the library recently. It is hilarious. Especially this scene. But really nearly every single one.

In other McPolack news I had a voice mail from McMumsy Sunday. "Check out the Vows section of the New York Times," she crowed. "There's a couple that met on Catholic Match!"

I checked and called her back. "Did you see how she married him despite the picture of him in the funny hat?" she said.

I told her I did. Then I reminded her what I'd found on Catholic Match: fat mustachioed men from Bridgewater, also home to the state prison. (OK one fat mustachioed man from Bridgewater plus an assortment of other weirdys.) And let her know that while the article DID say the guy had on a strange hat in one of his online pictures and it was a wedding announcement, it decidedly did NOT say what McMumsy was implying: That she went out on a date with him despite his appearing to be a tall drink of crazy.

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