Monday, February 23, 2009

Further Nerdification

Went and visited another nerdy art exhibit of sorts: the Higgins Armory, in beautiful Worcester. And by beautiful I mean drab.

The Higgs, however, is anything but. It was built by a steel magnate and is therefore shiny. Very, very shiny. As in silver-painted cinder blocks shiny. Inside are lots of suits of armor, parts from suits of armor, reproductions of suits of armor, weapons, and reproductions of weapons.

Also? Lots of nerds. Like the one who reminded me of the dwarf from LOTR, only with grey-blond hair. Either that or a reincarnated Viking having trouble accepting modern times. He was standing stock-still clad in chain mail and carrying a big axe. He told me his sword was for backup. A teenage girl was plodding around in black Uggs, silently cutting in front of people so she could take pictures of every single thing on display.There were a couple of tubby Scout leaders in untucked patch-laden short-sleeve button-downs, a girl in a Ren-fair dress, and other folks of a similar persuasion.

What was especially amusing was how eager they all were to answer questions. (Well not the Scout leaders as they were visitors.) You'd turn around and there they'd be, beseeching: "Have any questions?" "Can I answer any questions?" "Let me know if I can help!"

Of course by the time I had any questions they were gone.


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