Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last week I had only 10 hours of paid work. Between now and next Friday I have so much to do I almost can't think.

Not complaining, just noting.

I watched Obama's first press conference the other night. It's starting to seem realer that he's the President. I want him to be my Valentine.

Tonight it's Fruit or Breast time. Sorry I haven't been as forthcoming with episodes. It just hasn't played out that way. We do have a new caller, Matthew Fox, who talks to us during the commercial breaks for Lost. Plus last week Adam's dad said you can ask your dentist for those red chewable tablets that show you how good a job you've done brushing. If I had a dentist I would totally do this. OK maybe I would do this because I can see where this could lead to low self-esteem around hygiene.

Wait, did I just write that? No I can't! I have NO self-esteem issues around hygiene. Just wanted to make that absolutely clear.



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