Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jim Update

Spoke to Dr. Moo as she was headed to visit the UVM cows this morning. Turns out Jim's lump is cancerous, and it's not great news, but not terrible, either. Basically they need to keep an eye on him to see if it pops up anywhere else, which it may, or may not.

Moo didn't sound too worried about the news and I'm not, either. Certainly if anything else were to happen he'd be getting great veterinary care.

One more Jim item of note: Apparently it is not Pp's fault that Jim is a beggar. One of the ladies that helped drive him here from Virginia bought him a cheeseburger and "Jim insisted I share my fries." This same driver also reported having a bag of toys in her car-the probable source of the teddies Jim brought with him in his stomach. Moo caught him trying to eat a kitty toy the other night but she bought him a stuffed cow at a pet store and while he loves it, it remains, blessedly, out of his digestive system.


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