Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bye-bye Bono

Well I didn't get video of the U2 motorcade driving up my street headed to go drinking in Harvard Square, as it turns out. But I do have this little lovely:

What was most interesting of the whole shebang was how quiet it was. The motorcade had to back out onto my street as opposed to going down the one-way street they were parked on to head to Mass Ave. So everyone was on that street.

JoyceFrances befriended a motorcycle cop parked at the corner. At some point several loud, irritating, trashy people showed up. One of them had a kid named Gustav. Gustav it up your ass is what I was thinking. They kept following us. Annoying!

Anyhoo officer friendly let us know where the band was headed, and that the boh-noh would be in the last SUV. While I was filming-but-apparently-not-filming-at-all, I noticed someone inside one of the SUVs filming me.



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