Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bloody Hell

I thought I'd take a break in my busy day and spend it giving blood at the VFW hall nearby. I ended up being there for two and a half hours and leaving with an ice pack tied around my right arm. There was something wrong with the blood pressure cuff squeezing my bicep. When the phlebotomist stuck me the cuff had deflated and my arm HURT. And it kept hurting. (It still hurts, a little.)

But I remained perky! I let another phlebotomist stick my other arm (the first one went on break) and take my blood. The vein was so full-o-blood that some spurted into the air when he stuck me. Exciting!

Anyhoo I was there so long they were out of t-shirts and were putting the chairs away by the time I finished. One nice lady rubbed my back. I ate three Oreos, drank a bunch of water, and walked home.

And now I'm watching Obama. He's the greatest.


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