Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I was in front of the computer for 9 hours straight today; despite hitting the gym in the morning I needed to move.

So I did yoga for about an hour, a couple of videos from the Yoga Journal website and a series of poses from the magazine itself, plus a bunch of sun salutations. I tried Scorpion again, did a forearm stand, and tried kicking up into a handstand but didn't quite make it. I walk a fine line between being chickenshit and genuinely concerned I'm going to hurt myself. In class last week we were offered the opportunity to practice getting into the push-up part of a sun salutation by doing a backwards somersault and landing there. The teacher said she'd spot us.

Oh! I'll do it! But then it looked like the teacher wasn't going to spot me so I rolled over on my side instead. In front of the whole class. But, hey, no biggie.

In other McPolack news I like the Terminator movies almost as much as I like yoga. The first two were awesome; the third sucked. I love the trailer for the next one; I'm hopeful the movie will be even better.


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