Monday, March 02, 2009


Well Jim is just delightful. He doesn't bark at all, but that doesn't mean he isn't naughty; he took a special interest in Harry the Wonder Chinchilla and got a nice hard bite on his nose for it. No one tried to hump anyone else, which was good...but Chauncey the Wonder Corgi made many, many, mannnnny snarly faces.

It was a critter-filled weekend. When I got there, Dr. Moo and I sat on the sofa with Chauncey and Jim; later I hung out in the loo with Harry, who has gotten very bold. He hopped on my back and was rooting around in my hair and nibbling on my sweater. He also showed off his mighty powers for me, leaping from the sink and bashing into the bathroom door and wall. He likes to do bank shots.

That night, Ethel the barn kitty shared the spare bedroom with me and took great care to mark her territory. She alternated rubbing her cheeks (not her buttcheeks!) up and down my side with kneading and drooling and rolling over while I patted her. She decided she wanted to go back to the barn at 4 in the morning and when I brought her downstairs, Chauncey and Jim tried to escape. Chauncey wanted to chase Ethel; Jim wanted to be her friend.

Before church the next morning I was telling Polackpappy about Ethel. He told me if I wanted to see drool I should look at him in five years and then insinuated I would be in charge of mopping it up. I told him not to worry, I had a nice nursemaid named Helga in mind for that job.


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