Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So at around 1:30 this afternoon I heard a bunch of loud helicopters buzzing around my neighborhood. I went to my favorite neighborhood site and discovered the rumors were true: U2 is doing some sort of promotional Q&A concert thingy.

Looky-loo that I am, I decided today was the day to break out the Starbucks card and headed up the street. Most of the public parking was blocked off and already occupied. There was lots of equipment being unloaded. Also there was a handsome man in a suit looking at it all, and an old dude in an SUV with tinted windows.

On my way home, the pace had picked up: One camera guy next to the Davis Square sign, one reporter on the corner, and the handsome man in the suit was interviewing someone on my street. Plus a FOX News satellite truck was pulling in.

I only hope they don't block traffic because JoyceFrances is arriving tonight to stay with me until Saturday, and we need to go grocery shopping.


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