Sunday, April 26, 2009

Feeling better

Went and saw OSB's new place yesterday; she's in one of the historic Harisville houses now. Unfortunately the person who lived there before really crapped the place up. Fortunately OSB was able to, with some sweat, turn a lot of the crap around. The best feature by far is the hobbit door in baby Lucy's room, which leads to a secret, sunny, skylit playroom.

Later we went to the town beach, a five-minute walk away. Then we came back and peeked in peoples' windows (no one has moved in yet), a fine New England tradition. In the past there has been what I like to call "light B&E," which involves going inside unoccupied houses and poking around.

Then I came home and went for a run. Which was terrible because A, it was hot, B, I drank like a gallon of ice coffee beforehand, C, I was exhausted and D, I was still sick. Ugh. I had to walk in a couple of spots due to cramps. But a sh&tty run is, IMHO, better than no run at all.

Today I have to go to church which, ugh, because it's my parents' parish and their priest is unbelievably slow. I can't get out of it because they need me to deliver their weekly tithe. I also said I would do some work, again, blech, as it is gorgeous. But I'm hoping for a better run today, and may check out the LL Bean outlet on my way back from Mass.


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