Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bendy wendy

I've gone to yoga twice a week for the past two weeks and I've really noticed a difference. I can yank my parts farther in whatever direction I'm being directed to yank them in. In an effort to meditate more I've been getting to yoga early enough to sit in silence for 10 minutes beforehand. Well I've been trying to get there 10 minutes early.

Today I decided I'd meditate through the entire class, by being mindful and in the moment. Unfortunately, the minute I opened my eyes from the five minutes of meditating I'd managed to do before the start of class this boob next to me asked if I would move my mat over. Girlfriend had an ocean of space already, and I'd been trying to leave space enough between me and the person on the other side so someone else could fit in there if they wanted. Of course I obliged the woman, and in doing so knocked someone else's stuff over. I realized I was fine where I was in the first place. And that this woman was a complete fire trucking SOB.

And there went my mindfulness, G-damnit.

I did try and get it back and was successful part of the time. The other part of the time I spent, ridiculously, thinking "look how far/how straight/how high I can do X, Y, and Z compared to your sorry, space-hogging ass." Yet another part of the time was spent berating myself for being so ridiculous.

It's an interesting thing to live inside my head, I tell ya.


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