Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Licking It

I just bought a loaf of bread at a bakery near my apartment that could kill a man. It's loaded with fruit and the top has these sharp poky points from where it was slashed before baking. I'm bringin' it home for Easter!

In other McPolack news, I may have found a cohost for my as-yet-to-be-named cable access show: JM, who went to college with me and was the first guy to tell me that if I wanted to show a fellow a good time I should lick his butt.

Well I have yet to lick anyone's butt, thank you very much. Could that be why I'm still single?


Blogger Overmatter said...

There's your new show! Lick My Butt!
(The Game Show.)

10:59 AM, April 11, 2009


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