Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I like this

I'm having a busy day: work, grocery shopping, giving in to the weird (for me) need to scrub everything in sight. Took a break to read this and watch the video. I don't know quite what of think of men my age like this, the adventurers. I do for sure think people should stay off Everest if only because they fill it with litter, litter that includes the bodies of the dead.

Men like Ralston are on some level stupid, on another egotistical. But aren't we all? I suppose it's another permutation of the celebrity culture. Maybe what I want when I see something like this is some sort of acknowledgment that yes, I chose, am choosing, to be in the public eye and share my life story and profit off my stupidity. But as I type that I realize that I myself hope to profit off my stupidity, in the form of a book. So perhaps it's more that a confluence of events we can't really understand thrusts certain people into the public eye where we all get to judge them and think about our own lives. It can be quite the sacrifice.


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