Monday, March 30, 2009

Hello fancy feet

Yesterday Walnut accompanied me to the faaaaaaaaancy mall at Copley where we looked at thousand-dollar shoes and such. I'd borrowed the latest Elle and Vogue magazines from the gym, the nice big fat spring ones, and I actually quite enjoyed being able to see and touch the stuff that I saw in the magazines. I miss fashion. While working from home is fantastic in many ways, it's taken a long time to earn enough to support myself, never mind buy clothes. Despite the economy, things keep improving for me, and I know one day soon I'll be comfortable again financially.

Of course the stuff at Barneys and Neiman Marcus is probably going to be out of my price range for this entire incarnation of my sweet little soul. But there's something to be said for clothes as art, and where else can you get that up close and personal with it?


Anonymous Thursday said...

I once tried on a pair of horrifically expensive Jimmy Choos and was amazed at what works of art they were - if nothing else for the fact that, due to obviously clever construction, they felt comfortable enough that I could have run for a bus in them. They were also extraordinarily beautiful.

2:51 AM, March 31, 2009


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