Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My visit from the tooth fairies

Walnut e-mailed me a couple weeks ago about some market research her place of employment was doing for a tooth whitener. They wanted women from the ages of 35 to 45. Last Thursday at 10 AM, ding-dong went the doorbell. I opened it to find M and K on me stoop. They explained that they travel the country finding out how people are living in the new economy so they can better pitch their product.

Mostly what they did was ask me a bunch of questions. Oh, and they took pictures of...everything. My desk, my loo, my kitchen, my kitty, my dusty ADD piles. M noticed something I'd never noticed before "You seem to have a lot of animals that have been repurposed as other things," he said, while snapping away. Then, "oo, is that a cow creamer?"

I do in fact have a a lot of animals repurposed as other things. There is the elephant who lives in my bathroom and gives me showers with his trunk. Also the taxidermied dog toothpaste dispenser -- you pump his tail up and down and Crest comes out his butt. Plus the crocodile that's a watering can -- water comes out his snout.

(One of those is real, BTW.)

In all fairness to M, I do in fact have many animals that do other things. That he picked that up really impressed me.

K was even more impressive. This is why. Yup, that's her and her sister. Holy awesomeness.

Anyhoo after chit-chatting for a bit we headed out for a stroll around the neighborhood. We had lunch -- well the tooth fairies had lunch and bought me a pizza to go -- then coffee (and they bought me a sticky bun to go). Before they flew away I got 250 bucks in Amex gift cards for my troubles (desperately needed as I had/have 25 bucks in the bank right now) and a tooth whitener to try out. Oh, and many happy memories...


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