Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Everyone's a little bit liberal

I was listening to "On Point" on NPR last night and Vivian Schiller, the new president and CEO, was a guest. She had the balls to say NPR doesn't have a liberal bias. Her argument was that its listener base was balanced. Um, what? It was pretty annoying having to listen to PR pablum on what is purported to be "Fast, fun, serious, surprising. Open to everyone. And above all, unflinchingly honest."

Fer Chrissakes, NPR, just now I heard a little ditty you did about the first piece of music parents play for their newborn babies. What kind of music do you think won out? Hmm, could it be Coltrane and Bach? Yeccccccccccccccccccch. (I should note I don't feel yechy about C and B; I feel yechy about the ridiculous elitist boobs who wax poetic about playing C and B for their newborn babies. God, we get it, you're sophisticated.

On the music front, I heard NPR playing some Beck earlier today. If that's not the mark of a news organization with a liberal slant, I don't know what is.


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