Tuesday, April 14, 2009


...I don't have anything really exciting to report. Easter was the usual. Went to Target with Dr. Moo and her bf; used some of my gift card from the marketing folks to buy a wackadoo bra on clearance that has clear plastic strappage, including between the boobs. Speaking of the boobs, mine these days seem to be more off than normal. And by that I mean one is like a cup size bigger than the other. The bras I've gotten all fit boob A perfectly. Meanwhile, boob B is constantly making a break for it. I'm also all about those t-shirt bras with the padding but guess what happens if you bend forward? That's right, your boobs fall out, and if you're in public you've got to find a nondescript way to tuck them back in.

Anyhoo, on Sunday we all got up for 8:00 am Mass, where I told Dr. Moo's bf, after we'd renewed our baptismal vows and the priest had gleefully roamed the aisles spraying us all (and drenching Polackpappy) with water, that surprise! he's now a Catholic. Then we went home and ate bacon.


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