Thursday, July 09, 2009


Another busy day. Up at a little after 7; didn't get out the door until nearly 9:30 and I'll be darned if I know what productive stuff I did in that time. I have so much trouble getting going in the morning. I worked in the office, ran to the train, the gym, home. Talked to JoyceFrances. She is sad Natasha won't be waiting table (there's only one) at her next underground dinner. Ate a snack. Worked until 7:45. Had dinner. Washed dishes. And just now got off the phone with L, who is watching the Somerville fireworks, which I can hear from apartment but cannot see.

I sometimes feel, and especially in the rain, like I'm on a ship in here, a bit belowdecks, because even though I'm on the second floor, I can't really see the sky. There are buildings and trees in the way.

Listening to fireworks from my apartment makes me feel lonely.


Anonymous Thursday said...

"Listening to fireworks from my apartment makes me feel lonely". I know exactly what you mean about that.

4:16 PM, July 10, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. Big hug to you for all that you are going through this week. -- Walnut

6:28 PM, July 10, 2009

Blogger McPolack said...

Thanks, guys. :)

9:04 PM, July 14, 2009


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