Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bug lover

Or trying to be. This a bug I found on my window screen this morning. It's a cicada. He hung around until it started to get hot, which is when cicadas like to sing, and then he was gone, and I heard singing.

I used to get reallllllllly creeped out by bugs. I still can't take silverfish or centipedes. Ugh, especially centipedes. Everything about them is ooooogy. I also don't like slugs, or any sort of worm except inch or earth. Also flies=gross. Not a big fan of maggots, either.

But wait, this post is titled Bug lover. I did enjoy being able to check out the cicada up close. And I'm totally OK with the stinkbugs that like to crawl around the eaves at the McPolack homestead in Concord, even when they fall from the ceiling onto my...face. I just try not to scream or kill them by brushing them off too ferociously.

Anyhooooooo, I'm off to Albany this weekend, to visit JoyceFrances and her husband M. But first I'm getting up early, going to the gym, then driving out to meet H so we can visit the Edith Wharton homestead. Big fun! Toodles...


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