Monday, August 10, 2009

Rocky mountain high

Spent the weekend in NH, visiting. Did not get much sleep Saturday night due to payback visited upon me by OSB, whose parenting skills I maligned when I remarked that it seemed odd that in a house with a three-year-old, and 18-month old, a toddler bed, a crib, and two queen-sized beds, there was only room for me to sleep on the sofa. I shared a bed with the three-year old, who needs a nightlight, and didn't fall asleep until after 1, only to be awoken less than 5 hours later by small people running in and out of the room, making noise.

I discovered that mountain climbing is a great warmup for yoga. JoyceFrances suggested we try some poses at the top, and she and I did forearm stand, wheel and side plank, among others. I felt an intense rush of joy immediately afterwards and gave JF a big hug. It was incredible.

I also discovered that if a person decides the best pants to hike a mountain in are light in color, then follows that up by deciding the best way down a mountain, at least the steep rocky parts, is on one's bum, then said bum will get very dirty, indeed. Bonus side discovery: If you let someone take pictures of your rear in front of the general store of a small NH town, the people driving by are going to take notice.


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