Thursday, July 23, 2009

Farmers Market Cookin'

I joined a new book club, my second, and last night was my first time there. We met at 7 at the house of the woman who invited me to join. She's someone I've been freelancing for, and over e-mail we realized we had a lot in common. So we had a friend date a few weeks ago and we're hitting it off. It reminds me of NewEnglandEating and I's courting. She'd seen my stuffed George and Martha dolls and wanted to know more. And she's become someone I'll always know, really know, you know?

Anyhoo I am getting a little off-topic. This book club meets one Wednesday a month at 7 and everyone brings a snacky thing or a bottle of wine. As I am an overachiever (in some areas) I decided I would bring two snacky things. I made tzatziki using new garlic, plus fresh cucumber and dill from the weekly farmer's market near my house, plus a spread using fava beans I got when visiting with my new book club friend at another farmer's market.

They were both pretty good, but the fava bean spread was the real winner. Unfortunately, it was also a giant pain in the ass to make. Have you ever cooked with fava beans? First you have to murder a guy and get his liver. No, wait, that was Silence of the Lambs. First you have to remove the beans from their pods. Then you have to blanch the beans. Then you have to remove their waxy shells. Luckily I remembered I needed to do this the night before, because there was no way I would have been able to get it together yesterday.

Also, you get very few actual edible parts from a pound and a half of fava beans.

Anyhoo, I'm rambling now, and I'm going to stop. Book club was good. And along with pet capybara I'm adding fava bean prepper to the list of things I'll get should I become an eccentric billionaire.


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