Thursday, July 16, 2009


Daaaaaaammmmmnnnnnnnn am I ready for it to be the end of the week. I got up, ran to the loo, threw on some clothes, made out with my cat for a minute, ran to the coffee shop, ran to the train, ran to the office, woooooorrrrrrrrkkkkkkkeeeeeeeed, ran to the train, ran to the gym, ran home. Showered quick. Made something to eat, quick. Woooorrrrrrkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeed. Mouse broke. Ran to buy new mouse. Ran home. Pricked finger on f*&(ing plastic package mouse came in. Wooooorrrrrrkkkkeeeeeeed. Ran to get hair cut. Ran home. Worked. Made dinner. Just now getting a chance to breathe. But still have to get ready for tomorrow.

So. Tired.


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