Thursday, July 30, 2009


Man, this whole loving yourself thing really takes practice. Today I sat at a desk downtown and read about oxytocin and in between I thought bad things about myself, and about life. Bleaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Enough, whinocerous!

In other McPolack news, I went ahead and purchased both wet and dry fancy Ellen DeGeneres pet food for my kitty. She gobbled it right up, and now she's napping in the Ottoman Empire with a smile on her face.

In other other McPolack news, I am going on a second date tomorrow night. Honestly I would much rather bury myself underground like a cicada and pop up some years later with a family of my own, but, A, I am not a cicada, and B, cicadas don't magically grow families while they're buried anyway. And C, I can't go around. I must go through.

Through is the only way.