Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I spent Saturday afternoon at Walnut and her boyfriend's place in Lincoln. While the bf puttered about doing manly things, Walnut and I watched a monarch caterpillar do Lepidopterly things on the milkweed Walnut had let continue growing next to a rock on the lawn in the hopes of attracting just such a creature.

He started out on one of the lower leaf-levels; there was a beetle doing beetle-y things higher up. Eventually Mr. MC decided he wanted to climb. Walnut and I fretted over what would happen when he reached the beetle's level; we both realized if something bad went down we were going to save the caterpillar. But it turned out to be a peaceable kingdom: Mr. MC gave the beetle the once-over with his loooooong antennae and regular-sized snout, then continued on.

Later he decided it was time for a snack. I taped it. Since I was using my camera, it's pretty out of focus. So imagine this when you're looking at the blurry caterpillary blob in the film below.

Later still, Walnut and I swam in her pool, which is lovely, concrete-floored, and surrounded by ferns, pine trees, and summersweet.

And then we ate.


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