Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Big Red"

As I was exiting the T this afternoon there came over the intercom a different sort of announcement for a different sort of incoming train. I could hear the air quotes. Loosely paraphrased, the announcer said the next inbound train to Braintree was "the special high-capacity train, 'Big Red.' Seating is available in the first and last cars only."

I wonder who came up with the name? Is it called Big Red because it's big, big, big and it's red, red, red?

I was searching for a clip of the old SNL parody commercial for Big Red, the toxic-blood spewing Viking toy, but couldn't find it. Dr. Moo and I used to lay on our backs and pump our legs in the air and sing "Big legs!" in a deep and manly voice, to the tune of the Big Red jingle.

Good times.

In place of one fun commercial, here's another:


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