Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Went with a friend tonight to try out Taize-style worship at her church. She's Methodist. I know zilch about Methodists, but if I were to base my opinion on this friend and that worship, I'd have to say they're a fine religious community.

(I just now figured out where I know the word Taize from. I don't know what happened to this bible but I read it as a kid.)

The church was lit mainly by candles and the fading sunlight streaming in through 115-year-old stained-glass windows and we sat in the choir pews in the apse. There were maybe 10 of us there, including a singer/piano player and a guy playing a drum. Since it was some sort of world communion day, we had communion, but it was pita bread dipped in grape juice as opposed to the usual Cat-holic styrofoam wafers and jug wine.

However, Jesus is Jesus, whether He shows up as pocket bread, non-recyclable mailing materials, or in the flesh (in which case taking a bite of Him is probably not the best idea). I was glad for the opportunity to take communion and it felt the same with the Methodists as it does with the Catholics: right, warm, and peaceful.

As did the entire service. When we'd finished our hour of prayer, chanting (well, sort of chanting -- more singing of a few verses, some in Latin, several times in a row), and silent contemplation -- the sun was no longer shining through the stained-glass windows. It was as if we had ushered in the evening.


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