Wednesday, September 30, 2009


What with all the writing I've been doing about labor and delivery lately, as part of a new project, I dreamed the other night I was pregnant. Hugely pregnant. It was a pretty vivid dream in that I was feeling the top of my belly, under my breasts, and it was round and firm.

I've also been nesting. McMumsy is no longer willing to let my stuffed animals reside at her abode so they came home in a big tub, and I put them in their crib (yes, I have a crib of stuffed animals in my bedroom, but it's not what you think) which left me with this empty tub.

So I started going through my full tubs and it's led to an all-out reorg/cleanse. I'm going to ride this wave as long as I can. One night I even vacuumed the baseboards in the hallway and washed them with wood soap.

But back to the stuffed animals. I tried to bring Lyle Crocodile home with me but McMumsy stopped me. "That's your sister's. How do you know she doesn't want it?"

I told her I thought Dr. Moo had taken her favorite stuffed animals a long time ago. At which point McMumsy admitted that she wanted Lyle Crocodile for herself.


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