Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Whizzard

Recently in Vermont, at night, it thundered.

Jimberly James the Horrible Hound is frightened of thunder. Verrrry frightened. He was howling and crying and crying and howling, loudly, as only a hound can do. Dr. Moo managed to convince Mr. Moo to let JJ the HH get in bed with them, because it was the only way to shut him up.

It had the desired effect. Unfortunately, there wasn't room for everyone, so Dr. Moo took the couch for the night. The next morning, she went to check in on the men in her life. The two-legged one commented that perhaps they shouldn't have left the window open all night, because he woke up in a wet bed.

The four-legged one, who had in fact peed the bed, said nothing.


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