Monday, November 08, 2010

What I did/saw/learned this weekend in Addison County

Ate chunks off a nine-pound block of cheddar cheese that was a Vermontah's wedding present.

Watched one of Chino the cow's teats squirt milk every time her bag (this is what Dr. Moo called it) hit her back leg and she ran for the gate. Thump-squirt! Thump-squirt! Thump-squirt!

When you're loading 50 bales of hay from a hayloft into a truck and you see a clump of turkey feathers with some meat still attached on one bale, and then a mess of feathers from a much smaller bird on another, this isn't from birds getting caught in the baler. It's from owls and hawks flying on into the barn and using the hay bales as dinner tables.


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