Saturday, September 03, 2011


I'm all about this today.

Which brought this to mind.

Went on a long walk with KW. Her bf works doing project management of a sort for UN envoys to Libya and Sudan; he may go to Libya at some point. He worked in Sudan several years ago; the living conditions were very primitive. He loved it. The extreme conditions and close quarters meant there was zero room for bullshit or posturing. Everyone's equal.

I had my retinas scanned at the LNFU on Thursday so I can access a machine on which I will take 360-degree X-rays of pickled fish and pickled fish parts. Upon completion of the scanning I was told "You have been identified" by a computerized lady voice straight out of science fiction. Spooooooky. Afterwards I visited my cousin T's lovely gf, who was working on her MFA in the FA library. She had her laptop in front of her but was also surrounded by books.


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