Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Cookie, cookie...dookie?

Had a slow, discombobulated day today. Did only about an hour and a half of real work and when you bill by the hour and you work from home that sucks. But I am still ahead of the curve, deadline-wise, which is great. I'll need to get more ahead tomorrow, though.

Went to my German friend's home to hang out with her and L. I got two different packages of tasty homemade cookies -- 8 different kinds in all, from butter stars to jammy linzer cookies to macaroons. We ate pizza and chatted. Gf and L are very easy to chat with.

A high point of my day was stumbling (I swear to God I stumbled) upon this crazy link which I just had to share. Especially tantalizing are these photos, especially the nudie bum shot where it looks like Mr. Muscle Chef is fixing to drop a giant dookie. (Or would it be a wee dookie? Do the poos suffer the same fate as the twig and berries when one becomes as musclebound as Muscle Chef is?)


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