Sunday, January 29, 2006

Well, Valentine's Day must be fast approaching

Because things are getting shit-storm CRAZY in the love lives of the McPolack girls.

First let's get the boring post out-the-way: I had my date today that I was going to have on Thursday night but had to cancel due to illness. The date was with a tech support fellow. He was handsome, fit, interesting, has a good job, is an independent fellow, is smart, and well-read. He paid for lunch (!!!) which was great because I seem to go on these dates where we split the appetizer and entree and the bill and I want to be wooed, g-dammit. I mean I'm all for independence and I am independent, but...

Anyhoo, after lunch we walked from H.Square to Formaggio Kitchen which was closed at 3 because apparently the rich don't shop past that hour on Sunday. Nor do they eat baked goods as Hi-Rise was closed as well. We walked down to Porter Square from there. He asked if he could buy me dinner sometime. I said sure and I waved goodbye.

Well, here's the thing. I just didn't feel anything for him. There wasn't anything wrong with him. See above for all his good qualities. I will have dinner with him again because never say never but I didn't want to hump his leg.

Okay. I'm going to do the exciting post next. Which means you can see above for it.

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