Saturday, January 21, 2006

Well, I assembled the lasagne... that's one (sort of) productive thing I did today. Sixty degrees outside and all I did, mainly, was sleep, eat, and watch the tube. I did go out briefly, to the used bookstore around the corner, and to get a sticky bun at Diesel. Oh, and I wrote back to yet another Internet Potential Suitor.
And read a wee bit. And cleaned a wee, wee bit. But mostly I was a vegetable.

Tonight, however, shall be much, much different, as I will eat a vegetable, or several. I am going to Club Passim with L to see Rachel McCartney. L broke up with her boyfriend this week and she is determined to get right back out there in the world. I am determined to keep forcing myself out there as well, so it's a night of hippy food, folks, and fun. I'm kind of excited.

I'll have to be very careful to wash the meaty smell from my lasagne-assembly off me, though, before dining out at the vegetarian restaurant. I am serving "hearty meat lasagne" tomorrow evening. It's got piggies and moo cows in it, although I did walk to Whole Foods and pay good money for meat from beasties that were treated real nice before they were slaughtered.


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