Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mustafa the Lovely Laundry Man

I took my little work laptop and my big bag of laundry with me today to the Friendly Corner mini-mini-mall in North Cambridge to wash up my stanky clothes. There, as always, was Mustafa, owner of the laundromat, and the Friendly of the Friendly Corner. He fell yesterday and dislocated his shoulder and the morphine was wearing off but his wife was coming soon to get him some pain meds and he was feeling a-okay. Today I found out that he used to be an electrical engineer.

There's a big banner out in front of his laundromat that claims they've been "Rated Number One." Unlike the Thai place around the corner from me, whose food sucks, his place lives up to its advertising. I've never been to a nicer laundromat in my life.

Oh, and they've got lots of great magazines, too.



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