Friday, January 11, 2008

I Heart Huckabee

I know I shouldn't. I know he's an evangelical Christian, a Republican. There's no way I'd ever vote for him. But, God help me, I just think he is adorable. See how chipper he is, bounding up the steps of his plane:

He looks like a kid excited to go to school because it's Daisy's birthday! And Daisy's mom makes the best cupcakes ever! Plus, there's going to be a spelling quiz, and he's really good at spelling. Yay for cupcakes! Yay for spelling quizzes! Yay for running for President! It is super fun to run for President!

Oh Mike, I just want to pinch your soft, Jesus-loving cheeks.


Blogger Thursday said...

McPolack, you worry me at times, you really do :)

11:24 AM, January 12, 2008


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