Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh internets, thy powers amazeth me

So I signed up for Facebook recently, despite my misgivings, those misgivings being, specifically: 1. That I am too old for it and, 2. That Facebook will be like MySpace. On MySpace I got hit on a lot. By 18 year old boys. I would regularly get e-mails from some barely-legal extolling his desire to "know the love of an older woman."


Anyhoo, now I'm on the F-B and along with feeling still relevant (owing to my 18 and 21 year old cousins accepting my friend requests), I've found it has awakened Luddite-like feelings of awe in me. It's Scrabulous, a Facebook app, that did it. See, L is in Mexico City this week visiting cuarentayuno. Mexico City is pretty far away from Boston. And yet, for free, we can play an online spelling game, and send each other notes and photos, practically in real-time.

It's like magic.


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