Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Patience is a virtue

That one needs to have in spades when one is given a carnivorous plant terrarium. I am glad this gift was given to me by a nearly-three-year-old as opposed to the other way around because I don't know if wee Daisy could wait the eight weeks of refrigeration followed by 3 to 6 weeks outside of the fridge required for germination of the seeds alone.

But once the plants grow, I will have a veritable forest of meat-eating greenery: Venus Fly Traps, Cobras, Sundews, and five varieties of Trumpet. I'll have to take my trash out less often so they have something to eat. Or maybe I'll just cook them up a nice filet mignon.

Mostly what I am is grinning from ear to ear; Daisy is the second two-year-old I've hung out with this week and I've got to tell you: I have a new respect for two. It is a mighty fun, super swell age at which both boys and girls are sweet, lovely, hilarious and smart little peanuts.


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