Thursday, January 31, 2008


Part of the dream in which I am independently wealthy involves being able to go to yoga more than once a week. I like the physicality of it, and that there's stuff to work towards. I want to be able to lift my entire lower body straight up in the air using only my abs.

If I were going to yoga more than once a week then perhaps my poor hamstrings wouldn't have to take such a beating. I took a primary series class last Friday with my favorite teacher. He isn't all dreamy swami; he's got a little snark to him, and I like snark. Plus, he's not afraid to adjust you, and by adjust I mean he'll have you squeeze his sides with your legs so you can wiggle your elbows closer together in shoulder stand. Naturally, he is gay.

Anyhoo as I am the penultimate bargain shopper -- when I smoked, I smoked 100's because you got more cigarette for your dollar -- I'm going to start going to primary series every week, because it's 15 extra minutes of yoga for the same price and also, once I learn it the whole way through, I can do it on my own.

I'm just a little nervous about putting my hamstrings through the wringer again.



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