Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yes I know what day it is

I remain flat-out in the work department. L has asked me to go to her house for dinner but as I am already in my stretchy pants (yay for stretchy pants!) and just spent 45 minutes on the phone catching up with JoyceFrances, thereby using up all my available "be social" minutes for the day, I am instead going to transcribe interviews with consultants who are far more educated (but only in terms of book learnin'!) and wealthy (but only in terms of fat cash!) than me. But then they sit around in windowless conference rooms all day crunching numbers and inhaling their own ivy-league educated Brooks-brothers-suit wearing stink, whereas I am currently enjoying the twin smells of ginger and garlic, which I marinated the chicken for my chicken sandwich in. And my kitty is sleeping in her sleepy box at my feet.



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