Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I watched Gone Baby Gone last night and if I didn't have relatives on the Polack side of the family who lived in the grittier sections of Boston I would have thought the babbling brooks of curse words that flowed from the characters' mouths were a put-on.

Alas they are not. My dearly departed great aunt G, whenever she saw me, would have this to say: "Jesus Christ Almighty, you were such a beautiful fuckin' child. But you were such a god-damn fuckin' bitch. Jesus fuckin' Christ." Then one of her daughters would yell at me to "Help your fuckin' grandmotha."

Also despite my fancy NH upbringing, I can do a mean curse-word-ridden bad-side-of-Boston girl impression.

Also also that Amy Ryan character reminds me a little bit of my downstairs neighbor.

Anyhoo, it's a good movie and you should see it.


Blogger Overmatter said...

Bea! Faaahk Bea!

10:57 AM, March 20, 2008

Blogger McPolack said...

When my little sister called me last night, that's how I answered the phone! I also like to say "My apahtment smells like cock."

11:45 AM, March 20, 2008

Blogger Teri said...

Hello darling.

I MUST see that flick. I have a major soft spot for vlugar Bostonians. And their accents.

10:33 AM, March 22, 2008

Blogger laura didyk said...

I was just talking with a friend about swearing. She dated a guy briefly who didn't like that she swore and I admitted that I actually found it sexy--as long as someone wasn't unleashing curse words at me or using them to disparage others. I like the punk-rock aesthetic where "f*ck you" sort of means, "welcome to the fold," or "hell yeah!" or "let's party!" And sometimes there just isn't another way to say: I've gone on two dates with the guy and I really, really like him but it bothers me that he still hasn't offered to pay for f*cking anything! (I mean, just as a hypothetical [read: real] example).

p.s. you are so going to get discovered through this blog. You are hilarious.

8:55 AM, March 23, 2008

Blogger Teri said...

Not vulgar Bostonians, but vlugar Bostonians.

Omg, my own typos crack me up.

Yes - I do feel them!

11:23 PM, March 26, 2008


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