Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Morning Coming Down

So just after I walked in the door from church, my phone rang. It was L. I was surprised she was calling so early. We had plans to go to the Whole Foods on Charles Street in the afternoon because, according to my sister-in-law, there are lots of attractive men shopping there then.

Anyhoo I was fresh from communing with the Lord and all and had an americano brewing on the stovetop.

L was still in bed and sounded hoarse. "I was out dancing last night until four in the morning with three boys!" I asked if they were in her bed. "No, but one of them sure wanted to!"

Honestly it was the cutest thing ever getting a chirpy, happy call like this from L, who very recently had her heart very, very broken. I was glad she thought to call me right when she woke up.

She wanted to know if I wanted to go to brunch with her and the three boys and I couldn't, because I can't afford it, and have other stuff to do. But I think we're still on for the Whole Foods man-a-thon later.



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