Monday, December 15, 2008

Sniffle snuffle

Dr. Moo is still sad about the loss of Tess (of course) but (and again, of course) when she went to drop Tess's things off at the animal shelter she went from thinking "I'm not going to get another dog for awhile" to "I'm going to get another dog soon."

She's looking into younger male treeing walker hounds, which equals crazier, more energetic treeing walker hounds (and Tess, at 13, climbed Camel's Hump). She misses having a dog around, and as someone who works solo much of the day I can attest that a critter just makes everything like a million percent better. My kitty Daphne-Moon is either snoring on the Ottoman Empire, snuggling in my lap, or doing something else equally adorable, and she makes me feel less alone.

So I'm all for Dr. Moo getting a new doggy as soon as possible. But until then if she needs to feel happy, there's always this:

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