Monday, June 22, 2009

State Capitals: New York

I visited JoyceFrances and her husband in Albany this weekend to hang out and help out as a waitress at her first ever underground restaurant dinner. For the waitressing part of the trip I went by the name Natasha; JoyceFrances was Ratatouille, and her husband was Frank. Frank and I mostly stayed in the kitchen dropping f-bombs and doing blow*, which is what Anthony Bourdain says waitstaff do. But also we helped out. We were quite popular and the dinner was a success.

Here are some photo highlights:

That's my girl, Daphne, meatloafin' in the Museum of McPolack's Childhood. She held down the fort while I was away.

This is one of two doggies JoyceFrances watched on Saturday. Her name is Sadie. She is wonderful. What was not wonderful was going to the park with Sadie and her sister, where we met a dachshund/terrier cross named Tanner. I said hi to Tanner. It was raining. I was wearing sandals. Suddenly it was raining pee. From Tanner's wiener. Onto my foot. The bastid.

We found this poor fellow outside a flower shop in a fancy strip mall and had to give him CPR as he was near death. Lord knows where that sunflower had been but I tried not to judge.

He was very grateful for the "kiss of life" and paid us back with one of his own.

*We weren't really doing drugs.


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