Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why I'm not in the news business

Did a bit of a tour of PolackPappy's roots today, with stops at a stoop to nowhere in Southie, my grandfather's birthplace in Taunton, and a wee house between two rivers on the Cape where PP used to vacation as a child. In between the latter two visits, on a major highway, was a big construction arrow indicating we should move over into the left lane. As we got closer, we realized it wasn't construction but an accident. Then a police officer stopped traffic at the car in front of us, popped down a road cone, and came to our window. The person in the accident (which due to probably the abnormally large number of terrible accidents that have happened over the past few days I could find no note of online) had to be med-flighted out and the chopper was due in any minute.

So I sat and watched as a helicopter landed on the highway. It was just like on TV. And so surreal. SO surreal.

I didn't want to get any footage of the actual injured person out of respect for whomever it was and at first I wasn't going to take any video. But then after seeing how AMAZING it is to be so close to a helicopter doing its thing, I thought, OK, I'll film it.

And juuuuuuuuust before the chopper took off, my memory card filled up.

So we're back to word pictures on this one. Only word pictures don't do this sort of thing justice. Just think big, loud, close. Like watching planes take off at the airport only you're on the runway.

I hope whoever the person was they were flying away is OK.


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